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G.P. Lowie Portfolio

  Gaspard Lowie     PORTFOLIO MAIN MENU

Paintings 2o18 [actual work]


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"Ochtengloren over de Beerputbaai [water op A3|verkocht aan Andy B.|Mei 2o18@Ghent]"

"The Twin Tower of Hellhole [acryl on paper A3|su. 18th of March]"

"Triumph Of The Will II [acryl on paper A3| sa. 3th of March]"

"God is Zot! (Szot is God!) [acryl on paper | su. 10th of Feb.]"

"Gone to Hell [acryl on paper | th. 18th of Jan.]"

"HEY! [acryl on paper | fr. 12th of Jan.]"

"THE LITTLE HOUSE ON THE BEACH [acryl on paper | sat. 6th of Jan.]"
(out of display)

"Arrivée à La Pièce - ou: THE FIRST JEDI [acryl on paper | NewYear's Eve]"



GL 08:05 4/03/2018 boring
GL 17:27 3/03/2018 oh no! Museum Night fever & out of cash!! END